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Accu Practical Ways to Fix Damaged

Accu Practical Ways to Fix Damaged

As we all know , Accu for motorcycle or car is the most important source of electricity . Without batteries , motorcycle or car will " Matot " aka totally dead. ( Although there are some old motorcycle output which can be turned on without the Accu ) . Problem , although the way the Accu care is actually very simple , but most of us often ignore. Often due to their own negligence , motorcycle or car batteries we suddenly become damaged , overdrawn or less stun . And Worse yet , these events experienced when we desperately need such vehicles .

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So usually the easiest solution is replace with new Accu . The problem is the new price is not cheap Accu aka very expensive . Indeed, there is another solution , namely the trade- Accu . But batteries are commonly exchanged tambahpun of agents are also accu batteries usually have direbuilt scars or repaired .

For duitnya excess heck would not be a big problem to buy new batteries . But for duitnya rather mediocre, trouble happens . Anyway , despite a lot of money , but the batteries are overdrawn it still can be repaired and used again it tolerable . It was counted can save a little .
Well , if one day find the Accu incident suddenly gone overdrawn or electric shock, do not rush to dispose of the batteries .

There are several practical ways to repair the defective batteries . And the way this has been practiced several times , and the results are : cespleng . Accu alias so greng back .

To repair the damaged batteries , try to follow these steps :

- Remove the wires from the terminals off the batteries and the batteries from the holder also
- Observe visually whether there house ( packing ) batteries are cracked or broken
- If there are cracks or broken stitch used to glue plastic
- If not continue with step visually observing the innards batteries ( electrode ) is in it . Are there broken , dented or perforated .
- If there is , should the batteries are not used anymore . Because although it can be repaired usually the result ( voltage ) or less can not store long .
- If it is OK , proceed with removing the batteries terminals
- Boil water approximately 1 basin
- Clean up the dirt on the terminals with warm water that has been prepared
- User closes the hole accu
- Measure the voltage of each electrode with a multi tester . If the voltage is still legible ( though less ) means Accu still be repaired . As a benchmark is commonly used Accu voltage is 12 Volts . The voltage of each electrode hole should add up to 12 volts or close .
- After that waste batteries all the remaining water until it is completely discharged ,
- Then fill it with warm water batteries were prepared and shake - shake to remove dirt in dalamnya.lakukan several times ( as needed ) until the black precipitate impurities inside the batteries completely discharged . ( It can be seen clearly with the naked eye ) . clean more the better .
- This is in fact the key step . Accu become overdrawn or less stun usually arise because the rate of the current distribution process of charging or hampered the presence of sediment impurities that are commonly found in batteries .
- If it is really clean , turn the batteries to discharge bilasan.Tunggu while until the water in the batteries completely discharged .
- If the water in the batteries have completely discharged , the contents of batteries with liquid electrolyte batteries / water zuur ( remember : only with water Zuur ) until the middle of the upper limit and lower limit of the batteries .
- Put Accu terminal , but do not attach the lid first , because after the batteries will be charged ( electrocuted )
- At this time if the tester is usually measured with a multi -voltage batteries should have shown ( but still low amperenya )
- Charge ( sterum ) Accu appropriate charging rate is determined . Batteries that had been worn out and damaged unexpectedly turned out to be greng back .

If practiced with the correct step , practical way fix this broken batteries can already juggle batteries that had been damaged so " greng " again. But to increase the period / shelf life that there is still another way . If you want to know how, can be followed in the next post ; Practical Ways to Extend life of Accu

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